ISSAAS 20th Founding Anniversary Celebration & 2014 International Congress and General Meeting

DATE: November 8-10, 2014

VENUE: NODAI Academia Center, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan

THEME: Agricultural Changes in Southeast Asia: Past, Present and Future


The International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences was established in 1994 to strengthen cooperation among agricultural scientists in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, and to bring together groups of professionals from many different countries with common interests in agricultural development in the region.

In the 20 years since its founding, ISSAAS member scientists have made great strides on the regional and world stage through their contributions to agricultural science and rural development. Many countries and universities have also gained valuable experience from the practice of holding annual ISSAAS International conferences all around the region, specifically in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Tokyo University of Agriculture is therefore particularly honored to host the 2014 ISSAAS International Congress in this year, the society’s 20th Founding Anniversary. To celebrate these two decades of remarkable scientific and technological achievement and contribution by ISSAAS in various fields of expertise, the theme for this year’s congress is AGRICULTURAL CHANGES IN SOUTHEAST ASIA: Past, Present and Future. Our hope is that the ISSAAS members will undertake critical evaluation of problems and achievements of the past, evidence-based focus on current situations and outstanding issues, and point the way forward to a vision for the agricultural vitality and ecological sustainability of the region.


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