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ISSAAS Journal
Volume 15 Number 1 (June 2009)


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Contrubuted Papers

Microbial organic fertilizer application for safe coffee production at Daklak, Vietnam
Pham Tien Dung, Y ka Nin H'dok

Effects of NaCl salinity on the sugar metabolism of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cv. 'Tsurunashi Marusaya Kurosando' fruit grown in solution culture
Akio Tazuke, Teruo Wada and Takuya Kanazawa

Effectiveness of two botanical insecticide formulations to two major cabbage insect pests on field application
Dadang, Eva Dwi Fitriasari, and Djoko Prijono

Key actors, prices and value shares in the Philippine coconut market chains: Implications for poverty reduction
Isabelita M. Pabuayon, Rowena D. Cabahug, Stella Villa A. Castillo and Marlo D. Mendoza

The function of social networks to credit access and off-farm work: A case of coconut farmers in rural areas of Riau Province, Indonesia
Lukytawati Anggraeni

Technical efficiency in the production of sugar cane in central Negros area, Philippines: An application of data envelopment analysis
M. Dina Padilla-Fernandez and Peter Leslie Nuthall

Suitable timing of application of pelletized compost and farmers' acceptance in Cambodia
Bunthan Ngo and Lalita Siriwattananon

Characteristics and functions of labor institutions in rural Java: A case study in Yogyakarta province

Suppression of Fusarium root rot and southern blight on peanut by soil solarization
Widodo and Tati Budiarti

Economic impact of sanitary and phytosanitary measures on Philippine pineapple exports
Bates M. Bathan and Flordeliza A. Lantican

Economic and technical assessment of organic vegetable farming in comparison with other production systems in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jintana Kawasaki and Akimi Fujimoto

ISSAAS International Congress 2008 Abstracts of Papers Presented

ISSAAS International Congress 2008 Abstracts of Posters

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