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ISSAAS Journal
Volume 15 Number 2 (December 2009)


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Contributed Papers

Detection of Fusarium foetens from Begonia elatior plants producing rot symptoms in Japan
Visoni Motofaga Timote, Hana Kubo, Yurri Hirooka, Hirosuke Shinohara, Hiromitsu Negishi and Kazuo Suyama

Geographic distribution of Bemisia tabaci biotypes collected from autumn-cultured potato fields in Syria
Azusa Fujiie, Abdul Mohsen Said Omar, Ahmed Bahij Sawas , Abbas Abbas , Mohammad Abdul Hadi, Emad Alden Sawas, Ayman Barakat, Shigenori Ueda and Keiko T. Natsuaki

Agromyzid leafminers and their parasitoids on vegetables in central Vietnam
Dang Hoa Tran

Efficacy of plant extract formulations to suppress stem rot disease on vanilla seedlings
Dewa Ngurah Suprapta and Khamdan Khalimi

Sustainability assessment of organic vegetable cultivation in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jintana Kawasaki and Akimi Fujimoto

The economics of tramline transport facility in the uplands
Rodelio G. Idago and Roberto F. Rañola, Jr

Rehabilitation and natural resource management in changed agricultural landscapes as a result of disasters
Simplicio M. Medina, Virgilio T. Villancio, Jose Nestor M. Garcia, Hospicio G. Natural, Jr, Joana Rose M. Vergara, Eduardo P. Paningbatan, Jr., Piedad A. Mendoza and Aladino A. Reguyal

Employment structure in a rice farming village in Malaysia: A case study in Sebrang Prai
Rika Terano and Akimi Fujimoto

The Philippines' regulatory policy on coconut cutting: An assessment incorporating environmental consideration
Isabelita M. Pabuayon, Simplicio M. Medina, Cynthia M. Medina and Erlene C. Manohar

The impacts of export tax policy on the Indonesian crude palm oil industry
Joseph Obado, Yusman Syaukat and Hermanto Siregar

Factors affecting the choice of contract arrangements in swine production in Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
Do Truong Lam and Corazon T. Aragon

Effects of pelleting process on fertilizing values of broiler litter
Tawadchai Suppadit

Enhancing the viability of cassava feedstock for bioethanol in the Philippines
Roberto F. Rañola, Jr, Rex B. Demafelis, Edwin Del Rosario and Butch G. Bataller

Abstracts, ISSAAS Philippines National Convention 2009

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