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ISSAAS Journal
Volume 16 Number 1 (June 2010)


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Contributed Papers

Improvement of Soil Carrying Capacity for Better Living
Y.M. Khanif

The Amazing Sweet Sorghum: Pampanga Agricultural College's Initiatives in Promoting and Commercializing its Utilization as Human Food, Animal Feed and Bio-Fuel
Honorio M. Soriano Jr., Norman G. De Jesus, Estrella C. Zabala, Regina D. Loria, Rogelio D. Cosio, Rafael R. Rafael, Lyndon G. Solis, Elena B. Pineda, Lane M. Pineda and Zosimo M. Battad

Using Trichoderma Species for Biological Control of Plant Pathogens in Viet Nam
Tran N. Ha

Theobroxide and Day-Length Effects on the Growth of Yam (Dioscorea Spp.)
Shuwan Chen, Hironobu Shiwachi, Atsushi Sanada and Hidekazu Toyohara

Uptake Ability of Tomato Plants (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) Grown Using Nutrient Film Technique (Nft) by Ascending Nutrient Concentration Method
Jocelyn Amihan Gonzales, Toru Maruo and Yutaka Shinohara

Varietal Difference of Negative Gravitropism in Rice Seedlings and Involvement Of Ethylene Production in its Mechanism
Kaihei Koshio, Tomo Watanabe, Keiko Tachibana, Maki Takada, Eiri Kaku, Cong Hu, Atsushi Sanada, Kenji Irie, Masumi Katsuta-Seki, Hidekazu Toyohara, Fumio Kikuchi, and Hiroshi Fujimaki

Critical Nutrient Uptake Ability of Tomato Plants (solanum Lycopersicum) Grown using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) by Descending Nutrient Concentration Method
Jocelyn Amihan Gonzales, Toru Maruo, and Yutaka Shinohara

Utilization of Broiler Litter Pellets to Substitute Mixed Feed Pellets in Fattening Steers
Tawadchai Suppadit and Pakkapong Poungsuk

Decision Making by Upland Farmers on Forest Management in the Northwest Mountainous Region of Vietnam
Trinh Quang Thoai and Roberto F. Rañola, Jr

Species Distribution of Trichogramma and Trichogrammatoidea Genus (Trichogrammatoidea: Hymenoptera) in Java
Damayanti Buchori, Araz Meilin, Purnama Hidayat, Bandung Sahari

Fish and Vegetables Diversification in Irrigated Rice Fields in Sumatra, Indonesia: A Study of Two Villages in the Komering Irrigation Development Area
Siti Jahroh and Akimi Fujimoto

Factors Affecting Yield Performance of Banana Farms in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
Bates M. Bathan and Flordeliza A. Lantican

Abstracts, ISSAAS International Congress 2009, Noong Noch Botanical Garden and Resort, Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand, January 11-15, 2010 and Members of Editorial Board


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